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Our company specializes in resolving problems caused by birds in Greenville, South Carolina, both residential and commerical. We handle bird species such as pigeons, starlings, grackles, sparros, and even Canada Geese and woodpeckers. We generally don't kill birds - we prevent them from causing problems. Most commonly, this means that we install barriers that prevent them access to your building or property, or anti-roosting devices that prevent them from landing, nesting, or roosting on your home, store, building, or anywhere. We use netting, needle strips, shock track, and more. We do offer trapping in some cases, and removal of birds from warehouses, grocery stores, or other commerical or industrial buildings by netting or sometimes pellet shooting. We have a wide variety of tools and methods for solving every manner of bird problem. Call us at 864-642-1558 to discuss your bird problem today.



Stop Birds From Accessing Your Space

We stop birds from entering almost any space by installing netting. It is strong and durable, but thin and black so that it is not visually distracting. We can prevent birds from flying or roosting under awnings, roofs, or any other architectural area.



Stop Birds From Landing Or Roosting

We install needle strips or shock track on ledges, beams, the tops of signs, and anywhere birds are roosting and causing unsightly and unhealthy droppings. We can reach any area with our ladders and boom lifts.



We Clean Droppings and Nesting Material

Birds can make a mess with their droppings - on your building, roof, or the ground, or any other area. Sometimes bird guano and nesting material accumulate. We professionally clean and decontaminate the area.

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We are the pioneer in providing humane and practical solutions to bird infestation. Everything that you will need and all solutions that you require can be found in our company. Whether you need repairs and home modification or preventive measures, we can help you with that. We have a team of specialists that can deliver an all-inclusive service at an affordable cost. Our people are adequately equipped to help commercial and residential owners regardless of the complexities and the level of bird invasion. We provide bird control measures that can effectively detect and safely treat the source of the infestation. Our people will be using the latest technology combined with the proven-effective methodologies to guarantee that the bird problems will be solved. We will also make sure that a reinfestation will not happen so soon. Our services come with a guarantee and warranty; if something unexpected happens during the time stated in the contract, we will return and deal with the problem with no additional costs. We are committed to providing a service that will surpass the expectation of our customers. We will also ensure that they will have the comfort and peace of mind they deserve by protecting their brands and families.

Are Pigeons Dirty?

Pigeons have been given a rather unpleasant nickname — vermin of the sky — and this gives you some idea of the sort of animal you're up against. In some senses, there are very few differences between this animal and the rat; both being pest animals that are remarkably difficult to get rid of, and both being animals that will scavenge through garbage bags, gardens, bird feeders and more.

All wild animals are dirty. Every single animal that you have hanging out in your backyard is going to be dirty. And, by dirty we mean not to the same standard of cleanliness that you would deem acceptable within your home.

Pigeons, like most other wild and pest animals, are responsible for the spread of disease in a number of ways. Droppings can contain disease spores that are sent airborne when the material dries out and turns into an almost dust-like consistency. Not only that, the body of the pigeon can be contaminated in some way, causing injury or harm to those that feast on it, such as predators. This happens a lot when pigeons are poisoned (and other wild animals, too, including rodents), and then other animals attack and then feast on them. If there was poison in the pigeon's body, the predatory animal can suffer the effects of secondary poisoning as a result. Even if poison wasn't used to kill the animal, diseases, spores — bacteria and viruses, etc. — can still be spread from meat to predatory animals.

More than sixty different diseases have been studied on and around birds, many of which can be passed over to humans — zoonotic diseases. Those that can't be passed along to humans could still be passed along to pets, including cats, dogs and outdoor rabbits, as well as other livestock — cattle, horses, chickens, etc.

Pigeons aren't responsible for the spread of H5N1 as previously thought, but do still pass along diseases such as Cryptococcosis, St. Louis Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, and E.coli.

Not only are these birds responsible for the spread of diseases, they're also responsible for the spread of parasites and bugs that ALSO spread diseases — different and new diseases from the pigeon entirely. These can include chicken mites (can cause encephalitis and chicken/bored-related dermatitis), bed bugs (can cause anemia and weakness in humans), mosquitos (causing West Nile Virus [rare]), and even mealworms. Yellow mealworms, to be exact, and this can cause other afflictions — hymenolespiasis and canthariasis being just two of them.

Pigeons are dirty animals, and this extends to their nests, their young, unpatched eggs, and even droppings. We recommend proceeding with extreme caution when removing the birds, bird-proofing, and cleaning up the mess that this flying beast leaves behind.

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We have the most experience in Greenville at understanding the nuisance birds of South Carolina. Our 7 years of experience in the field ensures excellent results.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our bird control work. Our work is professional grade and long lasting, usually for the life of the building.

We are fully South Carolina licensed. We carry the correct safety equipment, and operate in a safe and professional manner to keep your building and people safe.

Call us at 864-642-1558 to discuss your bird problem and our process. We are always responsive by phone. We can usually schedule next-day appointments, and provide written estimates for all our bird work.