What should I do about pigeons in my chimney?

Pigeons in the chimney are a problem, but not the worst pigeon problem you can have. The good thing about pigeons in your chimney is that they aren't spread out into the main areas of your home, pooping to their hearts' content. Getting pigeons out of your chimney is also a fairly easy process, as long as you do it before you need to use the fireplace for heat. The number one rule when getting pigeons out of a chimney is not to open the damper. You don't want panicked birds flying into your home, and you don't want a nest of babies to fall down into the fireplace. Leave the damper closed, and get on the roof to install a one-way bird funnel This funnel will attach to the top of the flu, and it will let the adult birds out but won't allow them back in. Once the adults are gone, you can reach up onto the damper and remove any babies by hand.

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